My New Favorite Review of How to Teach [Quantum] Physics to Your Dog

My Google vanity search for my name and the book titles is really frustratingly spotty, often missing things in major news outlets that I later find by other means. For example, I didn’t get a notification about this awesome review in the Guardian, from their children’s book section:

I am a ten year old who likes Physics. What is Physics, you might ask! Well, Physics is the science of pretty much everything around you. It asks big questions like where did we come from? How long ago was the Big Bang? Quantum Physics is the part of physics which talks about atomic and sub atomic particles, basically very very small particles. It is a little tricky to understand the behaviour of these particles. So I decided to buy How to Teach Quantum Physics to your Dog. It is an extremely funny book in which Chad Orzel, the writer, teaches his pet dog, Emma, Quantum Physics. Emma loves to chase bunnies and squirrels in the garden, but the problem is that she cannot predict where they will be so they are able to dodge her every time. Now this is also a problem we have in Quantum Physics. So learning Quantum Physics should help Emma catch bunnies…

(The replacement of “Emmy” with “Emma” is a really persistent problem, even among adults, so I just shrug that off. I suspect it’s the work of over-zealous copy editors who haven’t read the book.)

He goes on to call it “one of the most amazing books I have read.” I wonder if I can get that on the jacket? “‘One of the most amazing books I have read’ — ‘Tintin,’ age 10.”

2 thoughts on “My New Favorite Review of How to Teach [Quantum] Physics to Your Dog

  1. Hi Chad –

    Given what you’ve so far taught me about the quantum world, I’m a tiny bit astonished that you consider this kid’s “replacement” of “Emmy” with “Emma” problematic. I suppose we’re all capable of succumbing to a Classical moment now and then …

    Anyway, I am so grateful that the humane society created the path that led to your hilarious and brilliant project.


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