The Writing Process

9:30am Thursday, Starbucks

Work steadily on the work-in-progress, researching a few points here and there, adding a bunch of words, making various line edits.

11:15am Thursday, Starbucks

Realize that the stuff I added would work better if split off into a new subsection.

11:30am Thursday, Union College

Meeting with the Dean. No writing. Sigh.

1:30pm Thursday, Barnes and Noble

Revise material written earlier in the day to split new stuff off into its own subsection. Research some additional points, add a whole bunch of words. Struggle with transition between old stuff and new subsection.

5:45pm, Thursday, in my car on the way to pick SteelyKid up at day care

Realize that vexing transition problem would completely go away if the sections were in a different order, and more material was added to a different section to bring it up to parity with the others. Arrive at SteelyKid’s day care, commence parenting. No writing. Sigh.

And so, here we are back in Starbucks, hoping to do the revisions from last night, and wondering what brilliant idea I’ll have five minutes before I need to leave to go to a meeting on campus at 11.