Official Portrait Blogging 050212

I’ve gotten really bad about posting pictures of the kids, but we got the official school picture proofs today, featuring a smiling SteelyKid and an insouciant Pip:


Both pictures pretty accurately reflect them at this stage, which is kind of nice. SteelyKid’s kind of camera-averse at the moment, and it apparently took some doing to get her to agree to sit for this, so I’m surprised it came out this well. The Pip doesn’t have as much ability to fuss about having his picture taken, so I’ve got some shots of him in his play gym:


He’s a happy and active little dude, and when he figures out how to crawl, we’re going to be in a world of trouble…

3 thoughts on “Official Portrait Blogging 050212

  1. The Pip is also prone to eczema or somesuch on his scalp and gets slathered in Aquaphor and then put in hats for it, and I forgot it was a picture day, which is why his head is all greasy looking.

  2. These are wonderful school pictures! As my kids have grown and begun leaving the house, I’ve learned to treasure the school photos we have more and more.

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