Dog Physics: Obsessive Update

A few more links that have turned up of people talking about either How to Teach Physics to Your Dog and How to Teach Relativity to Your Dog:

  • Andrew Johnston has a review of the UK edition, praising it because “it’s bang up to date, and goes beyond the basic quantum concepts into more complex areas like decoherence, entanglement and quantum teleportation,” which I like to see because that’s one of the things I especially wanted to do.
  • Natasha Zaleski, a grad student, has a review of How to Teach Relativity to Your Dog, which is good but not great, because it hit the usual failure mode: the talking-to-the-dog thing wore thin for her. Which is, of course, the danger of the whole talking-to-the-dog conceit.
  • The Polish edition is out– I got my author copies, which are very nice. This has led to a review in a pop-culture magazine, between Steig Larsson and Terry Pratchett. Google Translate makes hash of it, in part because it does a literal translation of my surname, leading to sentences like “Even so, Eagle shows the world a lot of physics accessible, than does the bulk of textbooks for physics.”
  • The vanity search also turned up a mention of the books in the Raised Indoors podcast— one of the hosts bought both from Amazon in Canada (thanks!), but hasn’t yet read them. Hope you like them. The podcast itself is a general-interest pop-culture thing, and the Clive Cussler rant is pretty amusing.

And that’s the latest from the vanity search.