Links for 2012-05-14

  • Surviving the World – Lesson 1395 – Arguing

    And, once again, the internet has been explained in under 20 words.

  • If Publishing Is Dead, What Happens to Non-Fiction? « Maureen Ogle

    Consider: I started working on the meat book in early 2007. I finished it in early 2012. You do the math. I spent five years researching and writing the beer book, and of that, a great deal of money and time was spent on traveling to specialized libraries. The Key West book took me two years to research and write. How did I pay for that? By entering into a partnership with a traditional publishing house that provided financial support. It works like this: My agent sells my book IDEA to a publishing house. The house pays an “advance”: a sum of money upfront that I can live on while I research and write the book. It’s not much money — in fact it’s an embarrassing amount of money and I also am fortunate enough to receive financial support from my spouse. Without that assistance, I couldn’t do what I do. Period. Again, it’s not much money, and it’s the ONLY money I earn from my books.