I am the 96%

Ten Years Before the Blog: 2011-2012

In which we reach the end of our decade-long historical recap. ———— So, at long last, the recap of my decade of blogging has reached the current year. And I do have a file of pre-filtered links from the current year (well, up through early May, when it was put together), which I was going […]

Links for 2012-06-25

In which we look at the history of lunch, the breathtaking inanity of the NYTimes’s Style section, what kills us then and now, the latest tempest in the blogging teapot, and some of the best songs from one of my favorite bands. ———— Lunch: An Urban Invention As late as 1755, according to Samuel Johnson’s […]

Dad and kids

Weekend Family Blogging

I had hoped to get the next Ten Years Before the Blog post queued up for today, but what with one thing and another, that didn’t happen. It probably won’t happen before Monday, either, as the weekend will be full of family-type activities– taking SteelyKid to soccer this morning, and her summer camp orientation tomorrow, […]

She Said Songs

In which I list some pop song lyrics for you to guess, because it’s Friday and I’m tired. ———— The other night, on Twitter, Patrick Nielsen Hayden posted a snippet of song lyrics with the hashtag “#greatestalbumsofalltime.” I was bored and looking to kill time, so I followed up with a couple of my own, […]

My doomsday weapon...

Ten Years Before the Blog: 2009-2010

In which we review yet another good year of blogging, including the establishment of some ongoing series. And also a useful reality check. ———— This great blog re-read project has been useful for a couple of reasons. First, it’s reminded me that there have been long stretches of time when I produced a lot of […]

Links for 2012-06-21

In which we look at the failure of elites, and the international language of bad dancing. ———— Why Elites Fail | The Nation A pure functioning meritocracy would produce a society with growing inequality, but that inequality would come along with a correlated increase in social mobility. As the educational system and business world got […]