Links for 2012-06-15

In which we look at the job situation for different specializations, yet another dumb modest proposal to fix education, and a smackdown of NBA players who are ignorant of fashion history.


One thought on “Links for 2012-06-15

  1. Could you post an update about the new layout.

    You have a great blog, but now too much of the content is hidden.

    I’d like to know whether you’ll be able to return to having more of your original post appear on the front page.

    Specifically, can this be done with your “Links Dump.” I would “drive by” regularly to check it. I found it always interesting because you cover a range of topics.

    And, as I checked, I noticed other interesting posts, like the family photos and physics topics that deserved time reading.

    If the number of views is important, since the change in format, I rarely look at the home page.

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