Woke Up This Morning

So, anyway, as of today, I’m apparently the same age as the Reverend D. Wayne Love in 1998 or thereabouts.

And the sound makes its way outta the window
Minglin’ with the traffic noises outside, you know and
All of a sudden I’m overcome by a feelin’ of brief mortality
‘Cause I’m gettin’ on in the world
Comin’ up on forty-one years
Forty-one stony gray steps towards the grave
You know the box, awaits its grisly load
Now, I’m gonna be food for worms

(I’m not really that depressed about this birthday, but it’s such a random age to be mentioned in a song, and it sticks in my head. And it’s a kick-ass song. Kate hates the intro, and always skips it, but I like the effect. That whole album is excellent, actually, though I haven’t liked much of their other stuff.)

3 thoughts on “Woke Up This Morning

  1. I don’t hate it, but when I’m listening to music on shuffle I want *music* and not to faff about through however-long of talking. If I were specifically listening to that album I might listen to it.

  2. I like their album called ‘Outlaw’ – it has a song called, “Have you seen Bruce Richard Reynolds” which I rather enjoy. I like to put it back-to-back with a Black Uhuru song…

    Otherwise, I kindof like “U Don’t Dans 2 Tekno Anymore” on that album. Irreverent. Another one to make you feel old.

  3. Happy birthday then :o) Somebody should make a list with ages named in songs. I know one with 27 and 66. And 16 of course.

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