Links for 2012-09-02

Physics after accelerators, the need for more athletic thinking, a call for more phenomenological thinking in physics, and a goofy phenomenological model for politics.


2 thoughts on “Links for 2012-09-02

  1. Glad to see you back, Chad. On the Fit for Physics link, it’s an interesting thought, and it’s probably useful as a first day lecture in pretty much any class, but professors and the system itself suffer in comparison, as well. For example, the football coach is dedicated to the game in a way that the freshman physics professor is probably not – higher level classes and research are going to hold more interest for them. 100-odd football players at each school are selected specifically for their football aptitude, and put through what amounts to a boot camp, where they subject themselves to highly visible competition with their teammates (and eventually, their opponents), and become invested in their collective success over 4 years. How big is your physics department? Where’s the corresponding motivation and reward system in physics? And then you have football players (not all, but many of them at many schools) compromising the other aspects of their education in favor of football.

  2. just found your article on Entanglement. Naturally the printer just ran out of ink – after the last paragraph. The wait was worth it.

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