Direct and Indirect Heating: Why Don’t Power Plants Change Local Climate?

This past weekend, I was at Boskone, where I appeared on a few science-y panels. One of these was on the possibility of beaming power down from space: Energy From Space Beam me down some juice, Scotty? Let’s talk about the possibilities — and practicalities — of really long-distance power transmission. Tom Easton (M), Jordin […]

Dinner in the Invisible Kingdom

[Scene: Dinner at Chateau SteelyPips. DADDY is starting to say something about his day at work, when STEELYKID interrupts.] STEELYKID: If you eat too many hot dogs, you’ll turn into a hot dog! DADDY: That would be pretty silly. Luckily, you’re eating chicken for dinner. Eat your chicken. STEELYKID: There’s a magic hot dog, and […]