Strong World-Saving Ninja Girl

In the car, on the way from day care to campus to watch a softball game

DADDY: So, what did you do at school today?

STEELYKID: Daddy, I’m a superhero. They call me Strong Ninja Girl. Strong World-Saving Ninja Girl.

DADDY: Because you save the world?

STEELYKID: Right. And M____ is World-Saving Rainbow Girl. And O____ is Silly Super Boy.

DADDY: Silly Super Boy?

STEELYKID: Yeah, because he just goes {Silly voice} “Bah, bah, bah, bah, bah” and distracts the bad guys. Then M___ and I sneak up behind them, and say “Hey! Bad guys! We can turn you into good guys!” And then we do that, and we save the world.

DADDY: That’s a good way to save the world, all right.

STEELYKID: Yeah. And, guess what? I saw a crocodile today on the playground.

DADDY: Really? A crocodile?

STEELYKID: Yeah, it was right behind me, and I looked and I saw it was a crocodile. And, guess what? I killed it.

DADDY: You killed it? How did you do that?

STEELYKID: I blew it up with my bombs, that are in my hands. The squishy parts, those are bombs, and when the crocodile bit my hands, the bombs exploded, and it got blowed up.

DADDY: That’s… very interesting.

STEELYKID: Yeah, and you can’t even see where it was, because it bit me on this finger right here, but it faded right away.

DADDY: Because that’s part of your super powers?

STEELYKID: Right, that’s part of my powers. When I get a boo-boo, it fades away really fast. Faster than I can run, even.

DADDY: That’s a good super power to have.


In the car, on the way home from the softball game

STEELYKID: Daddy, I caught a bad guy today. His name was John… John… John Simberlin.

DADDY: John Simberlin?

STEELYKID: Yeah, he’s the bad guy of bad guys. He tells all the other bad guys what bad things to do. But I caught him, and threw him in jail.

DADDY: That’s a good thing to do with the bad guy of bad guys.

STEELYKID: Yeah, he was tying up my friend M___, and I got him, and threw him in jail.

DADDY: M___ is a superhero too, right?

STEELYKID: Yeah, she’s Rainbow Girl. And she was fighting him, because she thought she could defeat him. But she couldn’t defeat him, only I could defeat him. Because I’m Strong Girl, and brave. Strong Brave Girl. I could grab him, and lift him up, and throw him, so I threw him in jail, and I locked it up tight, tight, tight. Then I untied M___. I saved her.

DADDY: That’s a good thing to do. And maybe some day, she’ll save you, too.

STEELYKID: Yeah, but I threw John Simberlin in jail. He’s in jail for a hundred years. A hundred, hundred, hundred years.

DADDY: That’s a long time.

STEELYKID: A million years! A million million, million, years and a hundred, hundred, hundred years. That’s forever.

DADDY: Well, that’s a good job, Strong World-Saving Ninja Girl.


SteelyKid's comic book, written with the help of one of her classmates. Not shown: the copyright notice on the back of the front cover.
SteelyKid’s comic book, written with the help of one of her classmates. Featuring Red Superhero Guy, Stretcher Girl, who rescues an owl that fell into the hole in a tree, Strong Puncher Guy, and Bad Puncher Guy (you can tell he’s a bad guy by the eyebrows). Not shown: the copyright notice on the back of the front cover. I swear I’m not making that up.

So, we’re in a little bit of a superhero phase, right at the moment… Probably inevitable, given her nom du Net, but it makes for some interesting discussions in the car…

(The “featured image” shot is a couple of weeks old, but that’s the last time she held still long enough to get a decent photograph…)

8 thoughts on “Strong World-Saving Ninja Girl

  1. This week, the world could use a superhero like SteelyKid.

    Is she left-handed? In the featured photo, she is wearing a wristwatch on her right wrist (and holding the drawing in her left hand). Most people who wear watches put them on the non-writing hand.

  2. No, she’s right-handed, she just doesn’t wear her watch that often but insists on putting it on herself.

  3. If she’s into superheros, you might want to get her some superhero comic books. Saturday May 4th is Free Comic Book Day, and there are comics for kids. Get there when the store opens though, because at least here, they go fast!

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