Preschool Science

Kate’s off at Wiscon this weekend, so I came down to my parents’ with the kids, rather than be outnumbered at home. We packed everybody into the car Saturday and drove to Ithaca to go to the Sciencenter, which the kids absolutely loved. In the “featured image” above, you see The Pip playing with the giant bubble maker (which we did for about fifteen minutes…), and SteelyKid emulating a recent Mythbusters by building a wooden house on a shake table to simulate an earthquake (with my grandmother). Other highlights included petting a snake, feeding balls through pneumatic tubes, and building dams in their water tanks.

The kids had a great time, too.

Anyway, if you find yourself centrally isolated in New York State, definitely check it out. If you need to borrow some kids so the trip doesn’t feel weird, SteelyKid, The Pip, and I are available for quite reasonable rates.

And how was your weekend?