Atom by Atom Interaction: “Direct Measurement of the van der Waals Interaction between Two Rydberg Atoms”

I’m always a little ambivalent about writing up papers that have also been written up in Physics: on the one hand, they make a free PDF of the paper available, which allows me to reproduce figures from the paper in my post, since I’m not breaking a paywall to do it. Which makes it much […]

On “Death Rays”

One bad thing about SteelyKid’s preschool graduation yesterday was that it drained my phone battery, causing me to miss an interview request from a local TV station looking for somebody to talk about a a couple of local guys arrested for a plot to build a “death ray” from X-ray components. This is pretty far […]

Kids These Days

SteelyKid’s preschool “graduation” was today, and in addition to a certificate with her name on it, she got a CD of her class’s favorite songs and a composite picture of her class. I’d include an image, but it wouldn’t reproduce well, and anyway, I try not to post pictures of other people’s kids. What I […]

Quasi Poll: Most Needed Pop-Science Biography?

I’ve got a ton of stuff that needs to get done this week, but I don’t want the blog to be completely devoid of new content, so here’s a quasi-poll question for my wise and worldly readers: What scientist is most in need of a good popular biography? By “popular biography,” I mean things like […]

Graduation 2013

The other big event of the weekend was Commencement at Union. I didn’t make it in time for the academic procession and all that, but I did hear John Lewis’s speech, which was great. More importantly, though, I was there to see our students graduate, and congratulate them in person. As I told my thesis […]

Hall of Fame

This past weekend was more complicated than it might’ve been. On Friday night, we drove to Whitney Point to my parents’ house, then on Sunday morning very early we drove back to Niskayuna so I could make it to Union’s graduation on Sunday (I arrived just in time to hear Civil Rights icon John Lewis […]