SteelyKid turns five next Wednesday (F/X: “FIVE! YEARS!” like an incredulous Jeremy Piven in Grosse Point Blank), but we’re having her party today. This is a distinction we’ve worked hard to get across, and I expect to hear her explain to other kids and their parents about 39 times today (“It’s not my birthday today, it’s my birthday party today…”).

We’re expecting something like a dozen five-year-olds plus parents and assorted siblings at Chateau Steelypips. We’ve laid in a good deal of food and drink, and cake, balloons, and bouncy-bounce are on the way. But if you don’t hear from me again, well, you know why…

This year’s invitation, with appropriate alterations for Internet use, is the “featured image”– if you’re on RSS, you’ll have to click through to see the cute. I’m off to make last-minute adjustments.

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