SteelyKid, Life Scientist

It’s been a rough week, so here’s some cute-kid stuff. The “featured image” above is a giant picture from SteelyKid’s after-school day care, where they’re talking about bodies and bones. It’s a tracing of her outline, filled in with her drawings of bones, joints, a grinning skull, a brain, blood vessels, a spine, and what I think are meant to be nerves. This is all up to date with the very latest kindergarten medical science. She’s even written books about it:

SteelyKid's medical books
SteelyKid’s medical books

We wanted to get a good picture of her for the jacket copy, but alas, she’s too busy doing archival research online:

SteelyKid doing online research.
SteelyKid doing online research.

Well, OK, if you look closely, you can see that what she’s really doing is watching the Grinch cartoon on the Nook tablet she got for her birthday. But what do you want? She’s in kindergarten.

And that’s the state of the SteelyKid.