Friday Is Sports Night

Friday night was a home game for Union’s basketball teams, so I picked SteelyKid and the Pip up a little earlier than usual, and took them to the women’s game (which starts right around the time day care ends and ends right around their usual bedtime). You might wonder what it’s like taking the pair of them to a sporting event. Well, wonder no more:

It’s pretty much that, for an hour and a half. There was also a stretch were they were throwing dice behind the elevator (the thing they run around in the video) like a couple of junior degenerates.

Now you know. And knowing is half the battle…

(This isn’t quite as bad as it might seem, because very few people come to the games, so nobody really minds them running around screaming and laughing. To the extent that anyone notices, they mostly comment on how cute they are, with a side of “My, they’re energetic, aren’t they?” It’s pretty tiring, though– everybody sleeps well the night of a game.)

So, how’s your weekend?

3 thoughts on “Friday Is Sports Night

  1. They look like healthy, happy kids to me. It is hard to end up with healthy, happy kids these days.

    You have done very well. Congratulations.

  2. We went to one or two women’s softball games last spring, and they were fairly popular. The problem is, they’re not as conveniently scheduled– the start times tend to be earlier, which means taking extra time out of my work day to get them and bring them over to campus for the game.

    The women’s softball team runs the basketball game concessions, so we know the coaches and some of the players from that. SteelyKid gets a kick out of that, and the effectively infinite amount of space to run around in the outfield.

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