Job Posting and Hangout

The Pip was sick this weekend, I had a deadline for a bunch of administrative crap that I pushed off back in December when I was rushing to finish the book, and I’m giving an exam on Thursday. So, I’m not doing lengthy blogging right now, but two quick notices:

1) A reminder (I think I posted this before) that the Union College Department of Physics and Astronomy is hiring a visitor, for up to three years (contingent on performance). If you’re in the market for an academic job, albeit a temporary one, check out the ad. If you know anybody who might be interested, point it out to them.

2) Rhett Allain and I will be doing another G+ hangout, this time about our experiences blogging in academia. We’re announcing this one in advance in case anybody would like to watch it live. I think there’s also an opportunity to participate via chat, which might be useful as Rhett and I might be too much in agreement about some things, and we could probably use some input from a different POV. We haven’t done this before, though, so I’m not 100% sure how this works. It’ll be an adventure.

One thought on “Job Posting and Hangout

  1. FYI, there is an option to turn on the Q&A app when you setup the event for your Hangout on air. You have to select this before starting the hangout because it won’t work otherwise. Then, inside the hangout you click on the Q&A icon on the left hand panel to fire up the app.

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