Equal Time for the Little Dude

Since not all that long after he was born, I’ve been referring to The Pip as “Little Dude,” which had become ingrained before I realized it was lifted from Otto the bus driver on The Simpsons. He’s not as talkative as his sister yet, which is why she gets more press on the blog, but he’s getting to be kind of chatty at times, and occasionally says really cute things.

Such as last night, when I read him his usual collection of bedtime stories– a selection of Mother Goose rhymes, Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus, and Don’t Let the Pigeon Stay Up Late. After the third story, he asked for another book, and I told him no, it was time to go to sleep. “After all,” I said, “it’s just like the book says: Don’t Let The [The Pip] Stay Up Late.”

“Nooo!!!” he said. “Don’t let pigeon stay up late!”

“So, are you saying you’re not a pigeon?” (Parenting involves a surprising amount of pretending to be a blithering idiot for the amusement of my children…)

“Nooo!!! I not pigeon!”

“What are you then?” I asked.

“I dude!” he replied, proudly. “I you little dude.”


The “featured image” up top is from dinner tonight, when he and I went out for sushi while Kate and SteelyKid were at Girl Scouts. Well, I had sushi– he had a hot dog that I brought from home, and played with the chopsticks. Which worked out pretty well for both of us…

2 thoughts on “Equal Time for the Little Dude

  1. Usually he tells me his name when he’s denying being an animal, like when he hops for a while because he’s being a frog or a bunny, and then when I ask him if he’s still that hopping animal, says, “No, I (name).” So this might be a just-for-you thing, which makes it even cuter.

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