Messing With Texas

I had hoped to have another post or two scheduled for the end of this week, but The Pip got some kind of stomach bug, and threw everything into disarray. And tonight, I’m flying to Houston to give a couple of talks as part of Physics Day at Space Center Houston. Life being what it is these days, I’m still fiddling with the talk, so I don’t have time to get any more big blog posts done.

If you’re in the Houston area and free in the middle of the day Thursday or Friday, come by the Space Center– I’m talking at noon both days. If you’re not in Houston, or not free at lunchtime, well, I’ll probably post the slides at some point. But as a teaser, there’s one up at the top of this post.

I’ll be back this weekend, because we’ve got tickets for the circus on Saturday. don’t wreck the place while I’m away, OK?