Uncertain Dots 18

In which our series of Google hangouts becomes old enough to vote and buy cigarettes– but not drink!

Miscellaneous things mentioned in this:

My forthcoming book at Amazon and Barnes and Noble. I turned in the copyedits and figures a week or so ago, and cashed an advance check today, so it’s definitely going to happen. Pre-order now, because Hachette bought my publisher, so you don’t know how long those buttons will be there.

My appearance on the Read Science! hangout.

— A commentary piece I did for Physics World on the OPERA neutrino story. I wasn’t paid for this. (You probably need to sign in to their site to read it, but it’s a free registration…)

— An article on searching for an electric dipole moment of the electron that I wrote for Physics World. This one required some actual journalism, and I was paid for it.

— Some old blog posts on the professionalization of blogging.

— A blisteringly stupid rant against replications in psychology. Seriously, the mind boggles.

— A fairly comprehensive piece on the Facebook experiment, and a more limited piece from somebody who used to work with Facebook’s research group.

Somewhat unusually, Rhett actually had an agenda for this one. Tune in next time to find out if this continues, or if we resume just winging it.

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  1. My mistake – I thought the publisher might have provided them, but that was a bit silly of me.

    So I thank you for the link, which I expect you had to look up, and I did what I should have done in the first place and looked up another myself. For other Canadians looking, another source is Chapters/Indigo.

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