Eureka! It’s a Book!

I took a short nap yesterday, and of course as soon as I lay down on the bed, Emmy erupted in the furious barking that signals the arrival of a package. When I went out to get it, I found shiny new bound galley proofs of Eureka: Discovering Your Inner Scientist:

The just-arrived galley proof for my forthcoming book. Laptop included for scale.
The just-arrived galley proof for my forthcoming book. Laptop included for scale.

I knew these were coming, but didn’t expect them so quickly. I asked for several to take to the UK, on the off chance that we’re seated next to somebody really famous on the flight to London, who says “Gosh, I’ve always wanted to blurb a book about science…,” so I’ll have something to give them. I’ll also have them at my talk in Bristol on August 13, and my Kaffeeklatsch at Loncon on the 14th. I might consider raffling one off, or awarding it to someone who performs great feats of strength science, or some such. You’ll have to come to those events to find out.

Anyway, while I was aware that these existed– and I’ve been carrying around a big stack of page proofs and a red pen for a week or two– seeing them in the paper made the whole thing much more real and exciting. It’s a book! With cover art and everything!

Now I really need to finish off these page proofs. And my talk for Bristol. And the prep for SteelyKid’s sixth birthday party tomorrow (the social event of the season!). And…

But: I have a book!

6 thoughts on “Eureka! It’s a Book!

  1. Congrats!

    Is that an X220? I’ve been considering getting a used X230, but I have no idea what two-finger scrolling is like using only the trackpad (even though you can do it using the trackpoint). Do you mind if I ask you what two-finger scrolling is like on the trackpad, and if the trackpad causes any gitteriness with the cursor? I know it’s off-topic, but I’d greatly appreciate it. You can’t try these laptops in stores.

  2. That is an x220, and I like it very much. I don’t use two-finger scrolling, though, or do anything at all with the trackpad if I can help it, so I’m afraid I don’t have any useful information.

  3. Ooh you’re going to be at Loncon! Us too is Kate going? perhaps we could do lunch or something. Seems like forever since I’ve seen you guys.

  4. Cover design is well outside my skill set, so I can’t say exactly why it looks like that. I imagine that the planetary atoms was used because it’s a simple iconic symbol that says “Science!” to most people.

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