030/366: Liquid Optics

It’s rained fairly steadily for the last couple of days, which is to be expected. This also sent me to the back yard in hopes of getting a very particular effect for the photo of the day, that I had seen on a poster from the APS’s student photo contest a few years ago: Here […]

028/366: Peek-a-Bench

The JCC day care is closed today and tomorrow for the start of Sukkot, so as a result, I spent most of the day home with The Pip (SteelyKid went off to school as usual). Which means I got a whole bunch of photos of him playing at home and at a couple of local […]

025/366: Teaser

I spent a while today shooting video of myself on the back porch. Which technically qualifies for the photo-a-day project, because I used the video feature of my new camera. So, here’s a still frame. What am I doing here, and why? You’ll have to wait until I finish the analysis and write it up […]

Physics Blogging Round-Up: Condensed Matter, Dew, Football, Cameras, and Movies

Another collection of posts over at my blog for Forbes: — Wormholes, Monopoles, And Weyl Fermions: Making Exotic Physics Inside Ordinary Matter: A sort of deep background look at what makes condensed matter cool. Drawing heavily on Jimmy Williams’s talk at the Schrodinger Sessions. — Why Does My Car Change Color In The Morning?: SteelyKid […]

024/366: Soaring

While I have a bunch of stuff in progress, it’s been a hectic week already, so I blew off the middle park of the day to go to Thacher State Park and take a hike with my camera. I got a whole bunch of photos from this, and later on, I’ll sort them all and […]

023/366: Green Mountains

This afternoon, I drove over to Vermont to give a talk on “What to Tell Your Dog About Einstein” for the Green Mountain Academy of Lifelong Learning. This was held at the Burr and Burton Academy in Manchester, VT, which sure is pretty: The audience for the talk was roughly evenly split between the two […]