061/366: BatNinja

I took some shots of nature stuff on this morning’s dog walk, and a few good action shots at the last soccer game of the season. But honestly, the only thing anybody wants to see today is Halloween costumes, so here are the kids: Cleverly, they both selected costumes that are predominantly black; we augmented […]

060/366: Falling

This is basically the shot I was trying to get yesterday when I ended up settling for an evil squirrel: a leaf in mid-fall. This is, of course, damnably difficult to get, as it’s impossible to guess when a specific leaf will drop, and if you throw them up into the air, they don’t stay […]

Me in the Media: Two New Interviews

I’ve been slacking in my obligation to use this blog for self-promotion, but every now and then I remember, so here are two recent things where I was interviewed by other people: — I spoke on the phone to a reporter from Popular Mechanics who was writing a story about “radionics” and “wishing boxes,” a […]

059/366: Pure Evil

You might look at this and say “Oh, what a cute little squirrel…” But Emmy will be very happy to explain, loudly and at length, that this is, in fact, a demonic alien menace, an existential threat to the safety of our house and home. This wasn’t really what I had in mind for the […]

058/366: Rosy-Fingered

I totally spaced on posting this yesterday, because I ended up having to take SteelyKid to the doctor, which blew a gigantic hole in my day. (She’s fine.) But this is a shot of sunrise yesterday morning: This was a very strange sunrise because this is pretty much the only light in the sky we […]

057/366: Last Practice

I did take some DSLR photos today, but the photo of the day is a cell-phone shot from the final soccer practice of the fall for SteelyKid’s second-grade team. SteelyKid is not, in fact, in this photo; she had a belt test for the Elite Team at her taekwondo school tonight, so she was off […]

Another Terrible Defense of “The Humanities”

Somebody in my social media feeds passed along a link to this interview with Berkeley professor Daniel Boyarin about “the humanities,” at NPR’s science-y blog. This is, of course, relevant to my interests, but sadly, but while it’s a short piece, it contains a lot to hate. For one thing, after the dismissive one-two of […]

056/366: SpeakingKid

SteelyKid’s second-grade class is doing a “Zoom Time” thing where the kids make short presentations to the class about one of their interests. It’s basically an expanded show-and-tell, with fifteen minutes for talking, and five for “questions and compliments.” She, of course, decided to talk about taekwondo, so I brought her sparring gear in and […]