090/366: Kids These Days

We had our usual tv time on Sunday morning at my parents’, with the kids alternating picking what they watched. When it came around to SteelyKid’s turn, she opted for MythBusters, which wasn’t available on demand, but she has several episodes on her tablet. Of course, if SteelyKid was going to watch video on her […]

089/366: Seasonal

Saturday was still warm, but grey and rainy, so we needed indoor activities. We took the kids down to the Roberson Museum to see their annual Christmas display, with lots of trees donated and decorated by local organizations, toys and games from the 50’s and 60’s, and a giant model train display. And the “International […]

088/366: Geese

So, today, we engaged in the traditional Black Friday activity of, um, going to the park and chasing birds: It was an unbelievably warm day for late November– if you look closely, you can see that SteelyKid is wearing shorts and a T-shirt– so we couldn’t very well sit inside. So we went across to […]

087/366: Happy Thanksgiving

We’re at my parents’ house in Scenic Whitney Point, NY, for Thanksgiving, so of course there’s only one appropriate subject for the photo of the day: That’s our traditional turkey dinner, from my seat at the table. We ate very, very well, as always, and the kids have been generally very good (with a few […]

085/366: $27.00

I spent a good chunk of the morning across the river at the Honda dealership, because of this: That’s the nail that they pulled out of my right rear tire, which had developed a slow leak late last week. It was one of those leaks that took several hours to significantly reduce the pressure, and […]

082/366: Stickers!

I try not to have this be the cute-kid-photo-of-the-day, but really, how could I not use this shot: The Pip was not a huge fan of the antibiotics that came with his strep-throat diagnosis, so we bought a sticker book as a bribe reward for taking his medicine. Yesterday afternoon, in one of the brief […]

081/366: Pre-Dawn

For a brief, glorious moment the time change meant that I didn’t need a flashlight for my weekday morning walks with Emmy. Sadly, the inexorable motion of the Earth in its orbit means that we are once again into the zone where the sun isn’t above the horizon when we take our morning stroll: That’s […]