Christmas 2015

Normally, I save a .jpg of our holiday card and post it here. This year, I forgot, but fortunately my parents have one, so you get a photo of a photo card: Merry Christmas if you celebrate it, have a lovely Friday otherwise.

Memories of Emmy

SteelyKid’s second-grade teacher sent home a couple of books about kids dealing with the loss of beloved pets– one of which, The Tenth Good Thing About Barney is surprisingly atheistic. We read them at bedtime the other night, which was a little rough. After we finished, and moved her to her bed (when it’s my […]

Emmy Orzel, 2002-2015

We lost the Queen of Niskayuna tonight. Emmy had been having some health issues for a while, and while we were in Florida this past weekend she wasn’t eating for the pet-sitter. We tried yet another new version of the new diet food today, with only limited success. And this afternoon, she fell going up […]

On Sports Injury Rates, or Today in Why I’m Glad I’m Not a Social Scientist

The topic of sports injuries is unavoidable these days– the sports radio shows I listen to in the car probably spend an hour a week bemoaning the toll playing football takes on kids. Never a publication to shy away from topics that bring easy clicks, Vox weighs in with The Most Dangerous High School Sports […]

099/366: Medicine

When we had our vetinary adventure back on Saturday, they drew blood for some tests. These showed that Emmy’s kidney function is somewhat impaired, leading to yet more tests, and as of last night an extensive regimen of new stuff: That’s some new kidney-friendly food (in both dry and canned varieties), a drug for her […]

098/366: Little Dragon

It’s a big week in Chateau Steelypips for martial arts and cute-kid photos. On the heels of SteelyKid’s first competition this past weekend, we have the Pip’s first belt test tonight (and SteelyKid is testing for her brown belt Wednesday, so you should probably expect one more kid-martial-arts photo before all’s said and done…). Tonight’s […]