What a Drag

I went for a bike ride this morning, the first real bike ride of the year (I’ve biked to and from work a couple of times, but this was the first real ride just for the sake of riding). There was some pissy drizzle at the start, but by the time I got on the […]

Bicycling Report: Thank God for Cell Phones

Saturday, I went for a good long bike ride before it got hot, making it all the way to the end of the Erie Canal portion of the bike path. There’s a “detour” that takes you to further path via some dirt roads, but I opted instead for the quiet stretch of path along the […]

Bicycling Report (Lame Edition)

Saturday was a miserable cold and rainy day, and today wasn’t a whole lot better. I took advantage of a brief spot of sun in the afternoon to get a short ride in, but it was awfully windy with dark clouds on the horizon, so I just rode around on local streets, so as not […]

Clifford Johnson Tribute Post

Here’s a picture of some pretty flowers: These are from the ornatmental cherry tree in our front yard. Like all the other similar trees in the neighborhood, it’s absolutely exploded over the past week. Also, I rode my bike a bunch this weekend:

Bicycling Report

In the two weeks since the previous report, I managed only two round-trips to campus, for a total of 9.6 miles. Either the weather was lousy, or I had things I needed to do that precluded riding the bike. I got a good ride in today, though: Total Distance: 16.6 miles Maximum Speed: 30.1 mph […]

Bicycling Report

One of my Christmas presents was a small mileage/ speed calculator for my bike, because there are few activities that can’t be improved by making them nerdier. Thus, I am able to report on today’s ride: Total Distance: 17.1 miles Maximum Speed: 23.5 mph Average speed: 13.4 mph I’m actually a little surprised by the […]