DonorsChoose: The Final Days -or- You’ll Get Your Puppet Show

Last week, I promised to do a puppet show if my DonorsChoose challenge entry claimed more than 1% of the $200,000 that Hewlett-Packard is donating to this year’s Social Media Challenge. If you’re quick with arithmetic, you’ll see that the puppet-show threshold was $2,000. The actual contribution was $4,064.70, more than double the threshold amount. […]

DonorsChoose Poll: Big Incentives

This year’s DonorsChoose challenge has brought in a respectable $1,929 thus far, helping reach almost 1000 school kids. Thanks to all those who have donated thus far. We’ve been stuck at that level for a little while now, though, so it doesn’t look like we’re going to match last year’s total of more than $6,000. […]

DonorsChoose Payoff: Duality and Self-Promotion

We’re six days into the DonorsChoose challenge, and at the time of this writing, ten people have contributed just over $1,700 to the Uncertain Principles challenge entry. That’s an impressive average, and I thank you all for your generosity. I also offered a number of incentives, and Lauren Uroff is claiming one: I’d like to […]

DonorsChoose: Now That’s a Noble Cause

We’re currently in the early stages of the annual DonorsChoose fundraiser, helping to raise money for educational projects. This is especially important in the current economic climate– even before things went south, many schools and classrooms were strapped for cash, but now it’s even worse. But I can understand if that’s not a noble enough […]

Dance Like a Monkey

As you know, even if you’re not Bob, I promised to “dance like a monkey” if my DonorsChoose challenge passed $6,000 in donations, which it did. Thus, I am obliged to dance like a monkey. You might think this would be a simple matter of capering about in a loose-limbed, vaguely simian manner, but it’s […]