DonorsChoose Wrap-Up

It’s now November, so the annual DonorsChoose fundraiser is officially over. According to the official leader board, at the time of this writing, ScienceBlogs has raised just under $30,000, from 302 donors, funding projects that will help 9,810 students. Those numbers may increase in the next day or two, as I think a lot of […]

The Monkey Dance

As has already been noted by people with too much free time, my DonorsChoose challenge stands at $6,254. This is a big jump, and happened because somebody emailed to ask whether a donation of theirs had been counted; when I logged in to check, I found that there was $715 in account credits, which I […]

DonorsChoose Payoff: Meeting the Queen

Another day, another DonorsChoose incentive claimed. I’m actually late in responding to this one– I missed my self-imposed 24-hour deadline because we’re visiting Kate’s parents outside of Boston, but I’ll try to make up for it with the answer. Anyway, Helen asks: How did Emmy become part of your household? We decided we wanted a […]

DonorsChoose: Young Scientist on the Move

As part of my intermittent series of posts highlighting particular individual projects, here’s a request for basic scientific equipment for a school in Manhattan: You will make it possible for my students to develop a greater understanding of the nature and the process of science by contributing these basic materials for my science class. The […]

DonorsChoose Payoff: “Favorite” Book

Another question from a generous donor, in this case Natalie, who asks: As for my question, how about “who is your favorite author, and why?” or, if you’d rather, “what’s your favorite book, and why?” This is a difficult question, because it’s subject to a sort of quantum projection noise. That is, my “favorite book” […]