Help Kids, Win Prizes

As you have no doubt noticed, the annual DonorsChoose fundraiser is under way, raising money to help school teachers and children. You can < ahref="">donate directly through my challenge, but you can also help them out by voting for them in the AMEX Members Project. Voting runs through midnight Monday, and is free, though you […]

DonorsChoose: Sizzling Science

As the DonorsChoose fundraiser rolls along, I’m making an effort to highlight a few worthwhile proposals from my challenge entry, in case the lack of specificity is keeping people from donating. This time out, that’s the “Sizzling Science” proposal, from Broward County, FL. This description echoes sentiments that are frequently expressed here and elsewhere in […]

The Empress Is Not Pleased

The Empress of Eastern New York is dissatisfied: Why? Because at this point, my DonorsChoose Challenge entry has only raised $475 from 7 donors. A bunch of theorists are cleaning our clocks. This makes SteelyKid grumpy. And we don’t want a grumpy baby. To put things into perspective, this blog gets about 2,000 hits per […]

Free and Easy Charity

Here’s the deal: Big Think is running a charitable donation program for everybody’s favorite educational charity, DonorsChoose, and they’ve gotten Pfizer to agree to donate $1 for each of the first 10,000 visitors to vote for a video on Big Think’s site. Go to, pick a video, and click on “Vote for This Video […]

Wikipedia and Charity

Ethan Zuckerman (who is on the Wikimedia Advisory Board) has a post discussing Wikipedia’s recent fundraising drive, with some comparative numbers: In the past 17 days, the [Wikimedia] Foundation has raised over $478,000 in online gifts. That’s a pretty amazing number, on the one hand, and a concerning one, on the other hand. If Global […]

DonorsChoose Accolades

I got a thank-you email yesterday from the head of DonorsChoose, which I will quote here. Because, well, you’re the ones who coughed up the cash, not me: Thanks in great part to the attention you generated, we made Internet history! During the month of October, readers of more than a hundred blogs gave $420,000 […]