Ten Years Before the Blog: 2003-2004

The schedule called for this to appear last Friday, but as I was just back from a funeral, yeah, not so much. I had already gone through and bookmarked a whole slew of old posts, though, so here’s a recap of the 2003-2004 blogademic year (starting and ending in late June).

This year saw a few milestones, though not quite as many as the previous year. I got a grant, passed my third-year reappointment review (the first big hurdle on the way to tenure), and we had a visiting speaker from Yale one week who mentioned in passing an idea that became central to my research program.

Probably the most significant milestone, though it didn’t necessarily seem that way at the time, was when we adopted Emmy. If you’ve read How to Teach Physics to Your Dog, the Introduction includes a dog dialogue sitting on a bench at the Mohawk-Hudson Humane Society, which is, in fact, where I made the decision to take her home. Which has paid off far more literally than I ever would’ve guessed. As a bonus, this year also includes the very first conversation with Emmy on the blog, though it took a different form than the conversations that would eventually become (nerd) famous.

Other notable posts from the year include:

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Ten Years Before the Blog: 2002-2003

As threatened a little while ago, this is the first of ten hopefully weekly posts looking back at the ten years this blog has been in operation. This one covers the period from the very first post on June 22, 2002 to June 21, 2003.

When I started doing this look back, I was more than a little afraid that it would prove cringe-inducing. It’s been ten years, after all, and in that time I’ve gone from a wet-behind-the-ears, recently married assistant professor to a tenured father of two and a published author. That’s enough external change that I was expecting my early posts to seem, well, pretty juvenile.

That wasn’t the case, though. I mean, there are some definite changes in the general style of the blog, but all in all I was pleasantly surprised at how well a lot of it held up. Some of the pieces I wrote in the early days are a surprisingly good match to stuff I’ve written recently on the same topics. Which either means that I’ve always been brilliant, or that I’ve plateaued as a writer, I’m not sure which.

The tagline of the blog from the very beginning has been “Physics, Politics, Pop Culture,” so I’ll use those as headings to organize the recap of noteworthy posts.

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