The Dark Art of Blurbing

Tom Levenson’s series about the writing of his Newton and the Counterfeiter continues with a piece on the getting of blurbs for the cover: Newton and the Counterfeiter (Amazon, Powells, Barnes and Noble, Indiebound) is by far my best-blurbed book, boasting enthusiastic and generous praise from a very diverse crew of luminaries — (David Bodanis, […]

How to Teach Physics to Your Dog: Coming This Christmas

I have an official release date for the book-in-production: December 22nd. There’s no lay-down date, though, so they may turn up in stores before then. Mark it down on your Christmas list now… There’s also an official title and cover: Emmy’s slightly miffed that she’s not the dog on the cover, but that’s what she […]

Quantum Physics for Dogs, v3.0.1

I haven’t sent it off to my editor yet– I need to look it over one more time to see if there are horrible mistakes anywhere– but I’m officially declaring the third draft of the book-in-progress to be complete. It clocks in at 61,518 words, and 240 pages. That’s 50% more words than the contract […]

Bunnies Made of Cheese: The Second Draft

The second complete draft was sent off to my editor yesterday, and after a little bit of excitement regarding files that wouldn’t open, it was successfully delivered. There were only minor changes since the last update, mostly having to do with the figures and section headers and so on. I’ll put the table of contents […]

Book Report: Second Draft, First Pass

I’ve finished a first pass through the second draft of Bunnies Made of Cheese: The Book, doing revisions on all of the chapters to make it a little more comprehensible. I’m still waiting for beta-reader comments on the re-written Chapter 8 (hint, hint), but other than that, I’m going through doing consistency checks (“Didn’t I […]

Book Report

It’s been ages since I reported on the status of Bunnies Made of Cheese: The Book. For most of that time, that’s because there was nothing to report– I sent a draft off to my editor, and was awaiting comments. When I finally did get comments, the August 1 deadline was beginning to loom, particularly […]