Con or Bust Auction Nearing Its End

Once again, Kate is running an auction to benefit the Con or Bust project providing financial support for fans of color(*) to attend science fiction/ fantasy conventions. The auction is run via LiveJournal, with a variety of cool items on offer in individual posts to that community, with an overall index here. Among the items […]

Con or Bust

Every year, Kate runs a fundraiser to help support SF fans who want to attend Wiscon, which takes the form of an auction of various cool items, such as a signed book about quantum physics. You can find a big listing of everything at the Con or Bust community on LiveJournal, but some items of […]

Con or Bust Auction Signal Boost

Last year, Kate was one of the people who helped organize a fundraising auction to send a few people to Wiscon. It’s that time again, and she’s seeking donations for the auction: Last year, Con or Bust raised $6,183.89 and helped thirteen people of color attend WisCon. We weren’t able to meet all the requests […]