Daniel Davies stakes out a controversial position at Crooked Timber: I tend to regard myself as Crooked Timber’s online myrmidon of a number of rather unpopular views; among other things, as regular readers will have seen, I believe that the incitement to religious hatred legislation was a good idea (perhaps badly executed), that John Searle […]

Original Paella

(Recipe from Mark Bittman’s The Best Recipes in the World) Chicken Stock: 3.5 cups Saffron Threads: 1.0 pinch Extra Virgin Olive Oil: 3.0 Tbs Onion, Minced: 1.0 medium Rice, Short/Medium Grain: 2.0 cups Shrimp, Cut Up: 2.0 cups Salt, Pepper: to taste Parsley: for garnish Pre-heat the oven to 500 F, and warm the stock […]

Classic Edition: Grad School Chicken Creole

A couple of times a year, our department secretary will organize potluck luncheons, and badger the faculty into cooking things and bringing them in for a big gathering in the conference room. We invite all the students, and everybody eats way too much, talks too much, and generally has a good time. We had another […]

Cheesy Poof

Well, that was a cranky post. Not a good start for New Year’s Day, is it? To make up for that, how about a good recipe: Cheesy Poof (From Alton Brown’s I’m Just Here for More Food) Ingredients: 270 g all-purpose flour 10 g baking powder 9 g dry mustard (1.5 teaspoons) 100 g eggs […]

You Are What You Eat

Over at the World’s Fair, David has a post with pictures showing a week’s worth of food for families in various countries. It’s pretty eye-opening– the total volume of food (less packaging) for a family of four in the US or England exceeds that eaten by fifteen people in Mali. Damn, but we’re gluttons.

Cookbook Conundrum

We had an enormous turkey carcass left over at the end of Thanksgiving dinner, so I said “Hey, turkey soup.” The basic idea is simplicity itself– cut the carcass into managable pieces, stick it in a big put, cover it with water, and simmer for a good long while. After an hour or two, you’ve […]

A Chateau Steelypips Thanksgiving

The Thanksgiving advice from Making Light got here too late to do us any good, but we had a fine first Thanksgiving anyway. My parents, sister, grandmother, and one of my great-aunts came up from New York, and Kate’s parents came up from Boston, so we packed nine people into our smallish house, along with […]

Hooray, Beer!

Beer is wonderful stuff. Not only is it the subject of the oldest known recipe, some have argued that agricultural civilization started in order to brew beer– see, for example, the comments in this article. And, remarkably, despite the inclusion of both “alcohol” and “carbonated beverages” in the list of things that people with heartburn […]

It’s Friday, Have a Glass of Wine

Well, OK, you might want to wait until after work. But if you’re into wine, you might be interested in The Naked Vine, a wine-recommending blog started by a guy from a mailing list that I’m on. The origin in explained in the mission statement: The August 2006 issue of Gourmet magazine has a sidebar […]