Shinto Love God

I’m kicking myself for not using this as a filler post a couple of weeks back when it was Easter: This is from one of the shrines at Kiyomizu-dera in Kyoto– the temple with the gigantic wooden platform looking out over the city. The sign at the lower right identifies it:

Let’s Zen!

Wow. I’m cranky today. I really need to be more Zen about things. Here’s a picture to meditate on: This is the famous “Crane and Turtle” garden at Konchi-in in Kyoto. It’s one of very few gardens absolutely known to have been designed by the great garden-desing master Kobori Enshu, out of the huge number […]

Japan Photo Albums

As a Christmas present for her grandparents, Kate put together a coupld of albums of pictures from our Japan trip, including this shot of What Japanese Commuter Trains Look Like to Me: (That was taken standing up looking straight ahead on a train from Tokyo to Yokohama. The Japanese have the best trains in the […]


In the same basic spirit as yesterday’s knit cephalopod picture, here’s a sign from Takayama that we really liked: I’m not sure exactly why the octopus has punched the fish to the moon, Ralph Kramden style, but Kate and I got a kick out of it. I’m also not sure what it says– something to […]

Kate and the Dragon

There’s a chance that, if I make a serious push this week, I can have a first pass through the book complete before Christmas. So, of course, I’m procrastinating madly. I understand it’s traditional to post pictures in these circumstances, so here’s one of my favorite shots from the Japan pictures: This is Kate getting […]