Physics Blogging Round-Up: Two Weeks’ Worth

I forgot to do this last week, because I was busy preparing for SteelyPalooza on Saturday, but here are links to my recent physics posts over at Forbes: — What ‘Ant-Man’ Gets Wrong About The Real Quantum Realm: On the way home from the Schrödinger Sessions, I had some time to kill so I stopped […]

Friday Tab Clearance

Here’s some stuff I’ve had open in Chrome for a while, and want to close before we go out of town for the weekend: — Statistics on the professionalization of science blogging, a topic I have banged on about in the past. Nothing really new, but nice to have it somewhat quantified. — Speaking of […]

Friday Tab Clearance

This has been a pretty brutal week– classes are in full swing, and we had a candidate interview for our visiting faculty position which always eats up a bunch of time. And then Kate was out of town for work Wednesday night. So I haven’t had time for substantive blogging, and don’t really have the […]

Links for 2012-10-19

In which we look at commemorating an important anniversary, an unusual way to publish more articles, one of the best discussions of fraternities and sororities I’ve seen, an article calling for more flexibility in academia, and a bit of political silliness. ———— Emilio Segrè Visual Archives “Niels Bohr’s atomic model has had an immense impact […]

Links for 2012-10-05

In which Heinlein helps out a friend, new Trek turns 25, the future isn’t what it used to be, skeptics see a chupacabra, Star Wars characters can’t read, and Frank Turner is brutally honest about John Lennon’s worst famous song. ———— British folksinger Frank Turner on why he hates John Lennon’s “Imagine” | Music | […]

Links for 2012-09-26

In which Rhett almost makes me want ridiculously expensive sneakers, space loses its aura of cool, the Dean Dad introduces his kids to Star Trek, John Myers Myers overreaches in an interesting way, and a blogger asks for information on why women leave physics. ———— Physics Not Physical: Why I’m Asking Why I want to […]

Links for 2012-09-24

In which we look at the real goal for the Giants, how they’ve overspent on running backs over the last twenty years, the capital-S surrealism of Daniel Pinkwater (author of Lizard Music and The Snarkout Boys and the Avocado of Death), and an attempt to put the cost of the Large Hadron Collider in perspective. […]

Links for 2012-09-19

In which we look at the death of a sports-media pioneer, the settling of the Chicago teachers strike, writing while a parent, why even highly educated people hate school teachers, and a different approach to teaching students not to plagiarize papers. A Positive Solution for Plagiarism – Do Your Job Better – The Chronicle of […]