Spring Break

This week is Union’s spring break, and like basically everything associated with Union’s academic calendar, it’s too short. I have to turn in my Winter term grades today, and next Monday is the start of my Spring term class. I also find myself in a place right now were every little thing is pissing me […]

Transitional Technical Difficulties

As mentioned previously, the crack technical team at ScienceBlogs HQ is working on shifting us from our creaky Movable Type system to a shiny new WordPress system. Part of that process involves moving all the old posts over, which has been done… sort of. At present, any post since April 18 has not been moved, […]

We Are Experiencing Technical Difficulties

Since I’ve gotten a bunch of questions via email and Twitter, this probably deserves its own post: Yes, I’m aware that the ScienceBlogs front page and the Last 24 Hours and ScienceBlogs Select RSS feeds have gone dead. Here’s the story: The crack technical team and ScienceBlogs Headquarters is working around the clock to upgrade […]

Another Year, Another Quasi-Hiatus

Classes for the 2011-2012 academic year start tomorrow, which means that blogging will come to a nearly complete stop. I have an exceptionally heavy teaching load this term (deliberately, because I’m developing a new course in the winter term, and FutureSibling! is due in November), and it’s become clear that there are not enough hours […]

Replacement for Delicious?

As has been mentioned in countless places over the last few days, Yahoo plans to shut down Delicious, the social bookmark service that lots of people use for lots of things. My interest in it is pretty narrow, but important for this blog: I use Delicious to generate the quasi-automatic daily Links Dump postings here. […]