The Inevitable Hiatus

So, I’m looking at the couple-dozen tabs I have open in Chrome for stuff that I think would be worth blogging about, and the slides for this afternoon’s lecture that need revising, and the student poster that needs to be completed before tomorrow, and the committee stuff that I ought to be doing, and the […]

User Poll: What Should ScienceBlogs Add?

The Corporate Masters are considering some steps to take ScienceBlogs more in a community/ social network/ Web 3.14/ whatever direction, and have asked us our opinions of various potential features. I have opinions on the subject, but they’re ultimately less important than the opinions of you, the readers. So here’s an attempt to generate some […]

Project for Non-Academic Science Update

I’m going to be off at Worldcon for the next several days, but fear not, the blog will still be active. I have scheduled non-academic scientist interviews to post every weekday while I’m gone. There are two posts each for Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Monday, and Tuesday, so you’ll have plenty of non-traditional career paths to […]

PNAS Update and Index

The Project for Non-Academic Science posts have been very well received, and I continue to get a steady trickle of new volunteers. I’m going to slow the rate of posting these a little bit, as the recent posting rate has been a little ridiculous, but I’ll keep posting them as long as people keep answering […]

Pardon Our Dust

ScienceBlogs is getting some back-end work done this evening, with yet another server/ MT upgrade. This is intended to help with the frequent timeout problems that bloggers and commenters have been having. Opinions differ as to whether this will fix the problem, but at least Something is Being Done. As part of the upgrade process, […]

Temporary Service Interruption

A big thunderstorm last night took out the DSL at Chateau Steelypips (and most of the 518 area code, it seems), and service is still out. So, if you’re wondering why I haven’t had any online presence since 5pm or so, that’s why. I’m going to deal with the essential stuff using my office Internet […]

Who Are You People?

I’m headed out of own for the weekend to play golf and re-live the past with some friends from college. If all goes well, I should be in Chicago by the time this posts. I wouldn’t want to leave you starved for entertainment, though, so I’ll follow many of the other ScienceBlogs folks (as usual, […]

Comment on Commenting

The recurrent timeout problem in the comments has been dragging on and on, but I’m not sure how much of a problem it is for you, the end user, as opposed to me, the guy who has to endure six timeouts while clearing out Turkish dating service spam. Of course, I can’t very well ask […]

Back From the Dead

The ScienceBlogs upgrade is now complete, so I’m typing this in an entry box that looks different that it used to, and my text is appearing in an ugly font. There are no clearer indications of progress, at least as defined by the software industry. I had had big plans to get out in front […]

Ice Station Zebra

A big storm has coated everything in the vicinity of Chateau Steelypips with a quarter-inch of ice. Trees are coming down all over the place (a big limb smashed the gate to our back yard), and the power is out for God knows how long. We’ve temporarily relocated to Kate’s office, which has heat and […]