RSS Query

Over at Cognitive Daily, Dave asks about splitting articles in RSS feeds. The ScienceBlogs feeds do not provide the full text of our posts, just the “above the fold” portion, and this practice rubs some people the wrong way. The reason for this is that our Corporate Masters are trying to support the site by […]

Technical Difficulties

As mentioned in passing in the previous post, we’ve been having some DSL issues that prevent me from posting anything from home at the moment. Hopefully, Verizon will get this fixed (Kate spent a long time on the phone with them Sunday morning, and they think it’s a software problem on their end). More importantly, […]

Advertising Note

You may notice that there are some new ads on the site. They’re short videos done by DuPont, with an excessively perky anchor talking about science topics and the wonders of chemistry, and that sort of thing. We were promised that the ads would not auto-play or break people’s browsers, and as far as I […]


Movable Type tells me that this is the 1,000th post to this blog since the move. This comes just short of the one-year anniversary of the move (the first posts are dated earlier, but the official launch was on January 11th, so that’s when I’ll do a full year-in-review. For comparison, the total number of […]

I Told You So

We’ve been having intermittent DSL problems here at Chateau Steelypips, which has led to much cursing of Verizon. The fact that their tech support department screwed up the first two service appointments, and repeatedly dropped calls after half an hour spent navigating their miserable phone tree and hold system didn’t help any. The repair guy […]

Comment on Comments

Over at Cosmic Variance, Sean is pondering comment policies: So the question is: how can the comment sections be better? To decode this for our more innocent readers: how can we increase the signal-to-noise ratio? Increasing the signal is one obvious way, but that’s hard. The real question that I’ve been wondering about (haven’t consulted […]

Exciting Technical Development!

I have discovered a marvelous proof of the Riemann Hypothesis, which is too long to fit in the Excerpt box. Which means that people reading this blog via RSS have no chance of seeing it, as the combined feed is currently showing only the excerpts. It’s not clear whether this is a glitch or a […]

Technical Difficulties

If you’ve had trouble accessing the site in the last couple of days, sorry about that. has been under a cross-site script attack for a while, and we only recently figured out what was going on. Efforts are underway to deal with the problem. We’re re-targeting the orbital mind control lasers even as I […]

Explanatory Note

I thought about posting something in advance of my annual moment of bloggy silence, to let people know what’s up, as my traffic has increased by about an order of magnitude since the last time I did this. As the post is equal parts gesture of respect and protest against the use of the anniversary […]