Revenge of the Squirrels

“OK, thanks very much. I’ll pick it up at six, or a little after.” I hang up the phone. I can feel the dog’s eyes on my back. “So what was that about?” she asks. “Oh, that was the Ford dealer,” I say casually. “They’re done with my car.” The dashboard lit up like a […]

Holiday Weekend Dog Blogging

“Dude, we need to talk.” “About what?” “Your priorities are all out of whack. I mean, everything is about your puppy these days– puppy blogging, taking the puppy on trips, buying the puppy toys. You need to get back to basics.” “Meaning what, exactly?” “Well, more me, obviously. Don’t get me wrong, I like the […]

New Toy

I’ve caught the intestinal thing that was making Kate’s life miserable the last couple days, and the less said about that the better. Happily, my new camera arrived (Canon Rebel XSi/ 450D), giving me something to play with while I try to remain hydrated. And I have to say, it’s a nice new toy: I […]

Even the Queen

“So what do I need to do, again?” “First, you have to pick a username. So people know who you are.” “OK. How about ‘Emmy the Magnificent, Queen of Niskayuna and Surrounding Regions.’ That should do the job.” “Ah, no. That’s 64 characters. Nobody would ever reply to you with a username that long. How […]

Poll: Threats and Menaces

SteelyKid’s nearly over her coxsackie virus, but has just enough spots left that we can’t take her to day care. Which means another day of baby wrangling, and another poll question chosen by the dog: What is the biggest single threat to your household security?(surveys) Emmy is convinced that we’re insufficiently serious about home defense.

Canine Poll: Hot Pursuit

“What are you doing?” “Hmm? Oh, I’m trying to think of a Dorky Poll question to post to the blog, because I’m going to be away from the computer for a while.” “Why are they always human polls?” “Um, because the vast majority of my readers are human?” Yeah, but why don’t I ever get […]