Vacation Review Blogging

As mentioned in passing a little while ago, we spent last week on a Disney cruise in the Caribbean, with the kids and my parents. We had sort of wondered for a while what those trips are like, and since the first reaction of most parents I’ve mentioned it to has been “Oh, we’ve thought […]

184/366: Odyssey

I seem to have fallen into a thing where I take pictures more frequently than I edit and post them. I blame the kids– SteelyKid got sick on Sunday (her third bout with strep in the last five months), and The Pip has decided to get a jump on Daylight Savings by waking up an […]

174/366: Crushing

As I’ve mentioned a few times, SteelyKid is part of an Odyssey of the Mind team through her school, working on a problem to build a structure from balsa wood and glue that will hold as much weight as possible. They’ve been hard at work the last several weeks, and completed a test structure last […]

163-164/366: Recurring Themes

This weekend’s photos were mostly of the kids, and mostly had other people’s kids in them, as they did a double play-date on Saturday afternoon. I’m going to lump two days together, because they’re really just repeating previous themes. Here are the kids eating dinner at the Union women’s basketball game Friday night: (They went […]

162/366: The Love Fishtank

SteelyKid was sent home on Wednesday with strep throat, and so needed to be home thursday as well. she was very disappointed to be missing school, as her class was preparing for a Valentine’s Day party on Friday. I picked up a bunch of work for her, including a heart-shaped paper pouch to hold the […]