Vacation Review Blogging

As mentioned in passing a little while ago, we spent last week on a Disney cruise in the Caribbean, with the kids and my parents. We had sort of wondered for a while what those trips are like, and since the first reaction of most parents I’ve mentioned it to has been “Oh, we’ve thought […]

163-164/366: Recurring Themes

This weekend’s photos were mostly of the kids, and mostly had other people’s kids in them, as they did a double play-date on Saturday afternoon. I’m going to lump two days together, because they’re really just repeating previous themes. Here are the kids eating dinner at the Union women’s basketball game Friday night: (They went […]

155/366: Boom!

A few days ago, The Pip came home with a “present” for me and Kate, wrapped up in construction paper. This turned out to be another sheet of paper, which is actually a launch control panel: The layout of the “buttons” is all him, but he got one of his teachers to do the labels. […]