Best. Referee Report. EVER.: The Making of “Time-Resolved Studies of Ultracold Ionizing Collisions” (part 2)

I said in the previous post that the time-resolved collision paper was one of my favorite experiences in grad school, even the paper-writing process. It’s not so much that the paper-writing process was all that exceptionally good– it was the usual “paper torture,” arguing over every single word in an effort to fit everything into […]

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Scooped; or, The Making of “Suppression and Enhancement of Collisions in Optical Lattices”

The experiment described in the previous post was published in early 1998, but the work was done in 1997. This was the year when things really turned around for me in grad school– the optical control paper was done in the summer 0f ’94, and ’95 and ’96 were just a carnival of pain. Everything […]