181/366: Luxury

There’s a sort of Internet tradition of posting photos of hotel-room views when traveling, so here’s a very slightly artsy version of same: The first time I looked out the window, there was a big-ass truck parked directly in front of it. I like this version a little better, though. Kidding about the accommodations aside, […]

180/366: Delay

I spent Tuesday flying to Champaign, Illinois, which was probably a big mistake. I should’ve booked a Southwest flight to Midway Airport in Chicago, and rented a car to drive down to Champaign, but I decided that might be annoying on the way home, so opted to fly the whole way. Which meant a United […]

178/366: Domes

I’m going to stop posting pictures of the Nott Memorial, really I am. But I got the idea a week or two ago of trying to see if there’s an angle where the observatory dome and the Nott dome look the same size, so I keep poking at that. And, in fact, there is such […]

176/366: Scale Invariance

Again, random and artsy, but this tree in the garden behind the Reamer Campus Center at Union struck me as interesting: Is sort of looks like one of those pictures you sometimes see of oblong leaves where most of the surface has been eaten away, just leaving the delicate vein structure in place. (This kind […]

175/366: Microdrifts

Random artsy shot of the moment: The wild see-sawing of the temperature has continued this week, so we got a little bit of snow, then it all melted, then more snow, then more melting, etc. This is from a couple of days ago, when it was cold, and I liked the way the light dusting […]

174/366: Crushing

As I’ve mentioned a few times, SteelyKid is part of an Odyssey of the Mind team through her school, working on a problem to build a structure from balsa wood and glue that will hold as much weight as possible. They’ve been hard at work the last several weeks, and completed a test structure last […]