All Time Top Ten

A little while back, somebody on the Hold Steady fan message board put out a request for people’s all-time Top Ten songs. This is a really hard question, but a fun one, so of course I couldn’t resist. And since the overlap between there and here is pretty minimal, I’ll recycle the message I sent […]

Music Writing and Science Writing

No, this isn’t another blog post lamenting the fact that music writing gets far more attention than science writing. If anything, it’s a bit of an argument that science writing ought to be less like popular music writing. On Twitter this past weekend Jim Henley, one of the few bloggers I consider “old school” (the […]

She Said Songs

In which I list some pop song lyrics for you to guess, because it’s Friday and I’m tired. ———— The other night, on Twitter, Patrick Nielsen Hayden posted a snippet of song lyrics with the hashtag “#greatestalbumsofalltime.” I was bored and looking to kill time, so I followed up with a couple of my own, […]