Woke Up This Morning

So, anyway, as of today, I’m apparently the same age as the Reverend D. Wayne Love in 1998 or thereabouts. And the sound makes its way outta the window Minglin’ with the traffic noises outside, you know and All of a sudden I’m overcome by a feelin’ of brief mortality ‘Cause I’m gettin’ on in […]

A Musical Interlude

Yesterday was a really grueling day, and I’m home with The Pip today, so no substantive blogging. But here’s a song about the universe, written and performed by one of my colleagues: If this becomes the next LHC Rap, remember you heard it here first. By a weird coincidence, we’ve been watching our Animaniacs DVD’s […]

Happy Saturday Music

SteelyKid’s third birthday is next week, but we’re going to Kate’s mother’s for the day itself, so we’re having a birthday party today for her and her friends from day care. So, even though all the news is depressing, it’s a day to be happy. So here’s a happy song: (OK, I don’t quite know […]

An Incomplete List of Pop-Culture References in How to Teach Relativity to Your Dog

I’ve been going through the manuscript for the book making up a list of glossary words (a frighteningly long list), and also noting miscellaneous pop-cultural references– quotes, direct mentions, paraphrases, etc. I’m sure I’ve missed a few– many of them occur in section titles, which my eyes tend to slide right over as I read […]

Musical Poll: Casual Sax

A lot of people who rail against popular music (hipsters, classical music snobs, etc.) will cite the mere presence of one or more saxophones in a song as evidence that it sucks, as if saxophones are inherently evil. I’ve never really understood this attitude, and wonder how widespread it is. Thus, a poll: Saxophone solos […]

Silly Poll: Music Ed

I can see the oncoming train at the end of the book-in-progress, so I’m going off the grid to try to finish a draft of the final chapter and introduction. Here’s something to think about while I’m away from the Internet: Choose one:online surveys For bonus points, defend your choice in the comments using only […]