Pain Don’t Hurt

They’re discussing stupid playing-through-injury stories on Mike&Mike this morning– Golic talked about injuring his shoulder badly enough that he couldn’t lift his arm above shoulder level, and using a wall to push his hand up higher than that, so the trainer would let him go back in for the second half. Having separated both shoulders […]

Non-Dorky Poll: Drinking Songs

I’m feeling pretty harried this week, because I’m teaching using a new curriculum, which requires all-new lecture slides and notes and homework assignments. I’m also going away this weekend, to Williamstown for the celebration marking the 50th anniversary of the founding of my college rugby club. As a result, I’ve been losing more mental processor […]

Uncomfortable Questions: Rugby Blogging

J-Dog asks: So, how come you don’t blog more about Rugby? Because it’s not on tv regularly, and I can’t blog about sporting events that I don’t see. This is a persistent source of irritation, though. For example, Wales just won the Six Nations, and the only mention of it I’ve seen on the “Worldwide […]