Life Imitates Blogging

We had a general faculty meeting today at work. As a general rule, I don’t talk about the details of internal campus politics, and I am not going to discuss the substance of the meeting here. The new SAT was brought up, though, and a couple of people made comments of the general form “Nobody […]

SAT Challenge Update

The Blogger SAT Challenge made the front page of Slashdot last week, making a huge spike in the traffic here, and bringin this blog to the attention to this blog– I’ve had a half-dozen emails and comments from students and colleagues who hadn’t seen the blog before. Of course, after a blitz of posts associated […]

SAT Challenge: My Entry

So, how did I score in the Blogger SAT Challenge? (Because this is all about me, after all…) Here’s my entry. I’m not terribly proud of it, but it got a score of 4 from the graders. Looking more closely, one grader generously gave it a 5/6, while the other gave it a 3/6, presumably […]

Blogger SAT Challenge Unleashed!

We’re very pleased to announce the unveiling of the official Blogger SAT Challenge web site. “We” in this case meaning “me and Dave Munger, plus some other people who know more about computers than we do.” The site, run on the ScienceBlogs framework, allows you to view each of the 109 entries submitted to the […]