Presidential Hoops Challenge

Barack Obama will be visiting Schenectady next Tuesday, and local notables are suggesting things he might do. Particularly notable was this: Assemblyman Jim Tedisco, R-Glenville, a basketball enthusiast like Obama, suggested that some hoop should be organized for the occasion. “I’d like to challenge him to a two-on-two game . . . at the new YMCA in […]

The Cromartie Conundrum, the Foreman Solution, and the Chamberlain Estimate

New York Jets cornerback Antonio Cromartie is getting mocked for a clip where he takes some time to name all his children (the clip isn’t as bad as the description makes it sound– he’s slow, but he doesn’t struggle all that badly). Cromartie claims that HBO manipulated the footage to make him look bad. Of […]


It’s been an absurdly good hoops week at Chateau Steelypips– Syracuse won a big one to take over the (admittedly meaningless) #1 spot in the polls, and now Maryland beat Duke in a tough game to move into a tie for the top spot in the (admittedly down) ACC. If both Duke (home to UNC) […]


They pushed the curtain back a few feet at the Carrier Dome, opening up a few more seats so they could set a new record for largest on-campus crowd to see a college basketball game for Syracuse playing Villanova for a share of the Big East regular season title. This is the sort of atmosphere […]

Syracuse vs. Notre Dame

I watched most of Syracuse’s win over Notre Dame last night. Two basketball games in the same week! Luxury! The thing that really jumps out at me about this team as opposed to last year’s is that they’re calm. Last year Eric Devendorf in particular, and to a lesser extent Johnny Flynn, tended to panic […]