Giants 33, Cowboys 31

Well, that kept me up way past bedtime– my 9:15 lecture is going to be fantastic— but at least my Giants pulled out the win at the end. I couldn’t think of a better way to open the Cowboys’ new stadium… And really, there’s no better metaphor for the Cowboys in the Jerry Jones era […]

Fantasy Sports Are Killing America

Summer is drawing to a close, which means we’re finally starting to get some actual sports to talk about, after a long, dull stretch of nothing but baseball. So I’ve started listening to “Mike and Mike” again in the mornings in my office. Which may have been a mistake because I’ve just had to listen […]

Seasonal Sports Peeve

It’s March now, which means that we’re at the absolute peak of the college basketball season. Small conferences have already started their tournaments, playing for the one shot those teams have of getting into the NCAA’s. Big conference tournaments start next week, with the Big Dance the week after. So, of course, ESPN and all […]

Point Spreads, Again

I’m listening to “Mike and Mike” on ESPN radio, as I usually do in the morning, and they just spent the better part of five minutes talking about the point spread for the upcoming Super Bowl. The opening betting line has Pittsburgh favored by seven points, but some Las Vegas organization or another told them […]

Final Football Thoughts

Somebody really needs to arrange a game between the Giants and the Titans, so they can have an inept-off. Tennessee thoroughly outplayed Baltimore in just about every way, but coughed the ball up twice on stupid plays (LenDale White carrying the ball like the proverbial loaf of bread, Todd Heap trying to hurdle a defender), […]

Why Do I Bother?

I generally enjoy Gregg Easterbrook’s football writing– he gets a little repetitive, and the shtick is starting to overwhelm any insight, but he makes some good points, and is usually entertaining. For example, I really enjoyed his take on the Dallas Cowboys at the end of this week’s column (schadenfreude is a powerful thing). Easterbrook’s […]

The Stupidest Argument in College Football

Over at Cosmic Variance, Sean has a nice, concise post about what’s wrong with college football. He’s responding to a desperately stupid post that ends with this: Let’s not ruin college football’s fabulous 13 week do-or-die regular season with a playoff! This was posted back in October, so the author can perhaps be forgiven for […]