I am the 96%

Ten Years Before the Blog: 2011-2012

In which we reach the end of our decade-long historical recap. ———— So, at long last, the recap of my decade of blogging has reached the current year. And I do have a file of pre-filtered links from the current year (well, up through early May, when it was put together), which I was going […]

My doomsday weapon...

Ten Years Before the Blog: 2009-2010

In which we review yet another good year of blogging, including the establishment of some ongoing series. And also a useful reality check. ———— This great blog re-read project has been useful for a couple of reasons. First, it’s reminded me that there have been long stretches of time when I produced a lot of […]

The first known photo of SteelyKid

Ten Years Before the Blog: 2008-2009

In which the great blog recap rolls on to probably the most important event of the last ten years: the arrival of SteelyKid. And a bunch of other bloggy stuff. ———— There’s really no question what should be the featured image for this recap post: Clearly, it needs to be an early photo of SteelyKid, […]

Alarming public art from Takayama, Japan.

Ten Years Before the Blog: 2007-2008

In which we look back at a very political, perhaps excessively political year on the blog. ———— I’m picking up the pace of my recap because I’d like to get through as much as possible before the actual tenth anniversary of the blog this Friday. I won’t get through every year, but I’m going to […]

Emmy, Queen of Niskayuna

Ten Years Before the Blog: 2006-2007

In which we look back at a particularly eventful year for the blog. ———— The ScienceBlogs archives aren’t really set up very well for reading straight through, so as we reach this part of our historical recap, I’ve changed methodology. Since I have better analytics for the ScienceBlogs years than the Steelypips ones, I’ve got […]

Ten Years Before the Blog: 2005-2006 (Part I)

Continuing the blog recap series, we come to the “split year” of 2005-2006. The blog was initially launched in late June, so that’s when I’m starting the years for purposes of these recaps, but ScienceBlogs launched in January 2006, so this year was half Steelypips and half ScienceBlogs. This post will cover the Steelypips half, […]

Ten Years Before the Blog: 2004-2005

Delayed again by the need to do actual, you know, work, here’s a look back at the third year of this blog’s existence. You can also read posts covering year one and year two. 2004-2005 was the last complete year before the move to ScienceBlogs in January of 2006, after which the making of these […]